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An Uncontested Divorce case is usually much faster with a more relaxed, stress free atmosphere than a regular divorce

If your looking for a quicker, less expensive and more relaxed divorce, then an Uncontested Divorce may be just the right fit for you. It even lets you and your spouse be in control, instead of the attorneys, mediators or judges.

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation during which you'll learn...

  • If an Uncontested Divorce is the right fit for your particular situation and if so how it can be the right choice to make
  • Ways to make a divorce less costly for both you and your spouse and keep more money in your pockets instead of the attorneys
  • The general time frame and steps in an Uncontested Divorce case.
  • How much your case will cost you, from start to finish
We'll also answer any questions you may have on a general basis. Once you become a client we can go into more detail on your case.
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I've helped hundereds of clients like you save money and stress with an Uncontested Divorce in the Jacksonville area. I only handle Uncontested Divorce cases, not stress filled regular divorces.

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